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Tim? Uh huh, Tim
5 June
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I'm Timmmmm. Music. Ohhhh, music. Take me now. We'll have our ways with each other. Music... is my life, conceivably.
"handiwork", "our" song, 47, adding interests, affairs with dead composers, art, b'loonies, backpacking, bad jokes, bang!, barenaked ladies, being naked in rain, biking, bollywood, books, brahms, brahmsgasms, british humour, btk, buttons, béla fleck, catcher in the rye, chicago, chocolate milk, christianity, clara schumann, coasting, comfortable silences, composing, concertos, conducting, constellations, counterpoint, dane cook, doing............things, driving, duct tape, eating, ellen degenres, erotic holographic doctor's visits, existing, fedoras, fiction, fire, fireworks, free hug friday, freshmen, full orchestra, google, harry potter, hating beethoven's non-chamber music, hating good charlotte, heights, ib screwed, ibsen's "ghosts", in the mood, interlochen arts camp, international baccalaureate, into the woods, ipr, james bond, johann sebastian bach, joshua bell, junk food, keller williams, kick the can, kissing in the rain, les misérables, les préludes, libraries, life is beautiful, lord of the rings, madrigals, marrying a family, mau, meeting strangers, melicent, mendelssohn, middle school, monkeys, monty python, movies, music, musical politics, natterjacks, neckties, nieces, night, nintendo entertainment system, nose communication, orchestra trips, paint samples, parenthetimical documentation, parks, people, piano, picnics, pirates, pit orchestra, playing, psychology, public radio, quantum physics, quebbs, rain, reading the dictionary, road trips, robert schumann, romantic tang, sarcasm, scattering mints, science fiction, serial killers, sgniht sdrawkcab, shakespeare, singing, skinny dipping, smash-ups, snow, species 8472, spring invasion, star trek, star wars, staying up all night, steering sleds, storms, stunt, swing dancing, taking pictures, teaching music, telekinesis, the 2nd, the bear...thing, the decemberists, the gift, the letter j, the rite of spring, the schumanns, the simpsons, theatre, time, untouched snow, violin, walking, wichita, wieniawski, will and grace, zoot suits, ,